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How to succeed with difficult customers

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We have all heard the reasons why providing a great customer experience is the secret sauce to business success. It requires less effort to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones, unsatisfied customers are more likely to tell others about a bad experience than satisfied customers, and it’s easier…

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4 Steps To Create A ‘Where To Play/How To Win’ Strategy

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Every company that turns its lights on every day is competing. Winning is the aspiration, but there’s a big difference between competing and winning. Simply competing does not guarantee winning. Why do some companies win and some simply compete? Most companies have a strong notion of their aspiration to win…

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Internal Product Quality Is Not Customer Experienced Quality

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When a product leaves our factory, it is handled, shipped, repackaged, and often modified before it gets to the end-user. We need to understand how the final product is received to fully understand our customer’s satisfaction with it. We have found that internally focused measures of quality may not fully…

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