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Analysis & Strategy

Gaining Insight & Setting Direction


Innovation & Development

Designing For Success


Sourcing & Solutions

Getting Shelf Ready


Innovations and your bottom line.

ArchPoint plans complete private and branded label solutions from concept to shelf. Through our research-based approach, we plan and execute private label solutions by stratifying category opportunities, developing and sourcing product solutions and designing the most efficient shelf execution. The completed solutions are always evolving, and we make it our priority to continually learn and adjust so our clients’ product assortment is always best-in-class.

Product Analysis & Strategy

Add value and deliver results.

ArchPoint develops superior private label solutions using a unique algorithm of qualitative and quantitative data. Drawing insights from this research, we formulate private label strategies that add value to the category while delivering results to our clients’ top and bottom lines.

Sales & Competitive Data Analysis

When compared to other brands, our clients’ product solutions must meet or exceed consumer expectations.  To optimize success, we analyze preexisting research or field new research to assess competitors’ sales, assortment, pricing, merchandising and consumer sentiment. This deep-dive allows us to assess the competitive landscape, analyze go-to-market strategies and provide insights for executing a viable and sustained solution.

Financial Modeling

Identifying the product opportunity is not enough.  ArchPoint determines whether the product will generate the margins our clients need to achieve their business objectives.  We consider many options and scenarios for raw materials, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing costs to determine the most accurate, competitive and profitable assortment mix for our clients at the shelf.

Go-To-Market Strategy

This is a customized playbook. ArchPoint takes everything we learned through our research to create a comprehensive plan of action tailored specifically to our clients’ product and shelf parameters. It’s a relevant, actionable and pragmatic plan based on a combination of research and street smarts earned through decades of CPG and retail experience.  ArchPoint is personally invested in every strategy we develop, and will be with our clients every step of the way, from concept to shelf to continuous support and improvement.


Strategic Sourcing



Everything We Do Is Rooted In Data.

Product Development & Innovation

Designed to succeed.

While ArchPoint’s research pinpoints the product attributes that will win at the shelf for both consumers and retailers, our product development and innovation team makes the concept a reality

Engineering and Design

We excel at making products perform, look and feel as envisioned.  Using our engineering and 3D computer aided design (CAD) capabilities, ArchPoint creates exceptional custom designs while considering cost, quality and reliability factors.

Consumer Testing

The design isn’t complete until consumers tell us it’s as good as or better than leading national and competitor brands.  We assemble consumer panels to test product prototypes for reliability, usability, quality and appeal.  ArchPoint facilitates an iterative process with engineers, product designers and manufacturers while abiding to retailer-specific guidelines to get it right before mass production.

Strategic Sourcing

ArchPoint does more than find the right suppliers and manufacturers for our clients’ products. We create relationships with them as well to ensure longevity of the created solution. We also manage all aspects of the sourcing process including acquisition of raw materials, customization of molds, verification of plant certification and retailer compliance, as well as continued on-site quality control. Our sourcing professionals also balance production capacity so products have stable order lead times year-round. Through our supply chain capabilities, we manage the flow of goods from finished goods to store shelf.

Private Label Shelf Solutions

Hitting the sweet spot.

The right shelf solutions accelerate sales while lowering supply chain costs.  ArchPoint combines the talents and experience of product designers, manufacturers, supply chain professionals, sales managers and graphic artists to create outstanding and award-winning packaging.  Our integrated team takes a 360 degree approach.  We focus on the look and feel of the packaging to the consumer at the shelf, but also how it saves manufacturing, shipping, handling and retail costs to keep prices competitive and margins high.

Shelf Assessment

ArchPoint conducts comprehensive packaging analysis by studying the competition on the shelf, assortment options, shelf positioning, color, size, shape, texture and messaging. We make actionable recommendations that are rapidly tested and executed.

Packaging Efficiency

Packaging is more than just design and marketing.  Packaging can lower cost of goods, reduce transportation costs, increase shelf efficiency and save labor.  Even if our client is happy with their current designs, our packaging experts advise on how to make our client’s shippers, master cases, and unit packaging more efficient.

Package Design

Products can look outstanding on the shelf.  ArchPoint’s award-winning graphic designers on our branding and marketing team create brands, packaging designs, messages and labels that make our clients’ products stand out next to the national brands.


We’re committed to delivering the highest quality at the best value, with a relentless focus on innovation and customer service.

Our goal is to become a global sourcing partner, where we leverage each part of the ArchPoint Advantage to maximize category profitability.

Why ArchPoint For Private Label Sourcing Solutions?

Integrated Approach

The same team is involved in ideation, development and execution–saving time and money.

In-Depth Analysis

We rigorously study the category, sales, quantities, competition, prices, assortments, packaging and consumers.


We find ways to shave costs from design to production to supply chain to shelf, without compromising quality.

Customization & Flexibility

We provide you with a flexible and customized solution that meets your individual needs.


Our team innovates at every stage to make your product stand out.

Invested In Client Decisions

We push for results and act as trusted advisors focused on clients’ successes.

Robust Data

We develop formidable shelf solutions using a unique algorithm of qualitative and quantitative data.

Full Service

We provide services required to plan, develop, test, source and ship your product.

Complete Strategies

Our analytic-driven strategies cover opportunity identification, product development and marketing.