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Truth About Sales: It’s More Than Just Coffee and Small Talk

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“Don’t they realize that sales is not just about chatting over coffee like friends,” thinks the CEO, frustrated with a recent conversation over his sales teams’ expense reports. “Don’t they realize that sales is not just about chatting over coffee like friends,” thinks the account manager, frustrated after listening to…

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Designing Your Product For Growth

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In a continuously changing competitive landscape controlled by monolithic Fortune 500 brands, retailers are searching for a new generation of private label manufacturer to increase market share and profit margin. These manufacturers are helping reimage store brands once thought by consumers as a “generic product at a price” to recognizable…

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4 Steps To Create A ‘Where To Play/How To Win’ Strategy

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Every company that turns its lights on every day is competing. Winning is the aspiration, but there’s a big difference between competing and winning. Simply competing does not guarantee winning. Why do some companies win and some simply compete? Most companies have a strong notion of their aspiration to win…

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Co-Brand Or Store Brand?

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As frugality has become relevant and widespread, consumers are reconsidering the true value of every product. If a brand’s value proposition is unclear or vague and consumers don’t understand the superiority or benefits, it will quickly become a lame duck in today’s marketplace. When the consumer cannot tell the difference…

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10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Brokers

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Many relationships between manufacturers and brokers likely fall into the “it’s complicated” category. The last decade has been one of change for companies and their brokers leaving many wondering exactly how to proceed from here. While every partnership with a broker has its own nuances, I’ve relied on my time…

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Case Study: Aligning Trade Promotion With Corporate Strategy

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Business Situation The mandate was clear:  identify gaps in trade promotion processes, correct them and implement a new system to manage the spend.  And do it in three months. Even in the fast-paced environment at Pierre Foods – a $650 million manufacturer, marketer and distributor of precooked and ready-to-cook protein…

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