Mondi Group: OGSM

Mondi Group is an international packaging and paper group headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with primary operations in Europe, Russia, North America and South Africa. It is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain from the development and production of pulp and paper, to the manufacturing of industrial bags, consumer goods packaging, and release liner.

In 2013, Mondi Group moved to establish a stronger position in North America by coordinating operations into one business unit. ArchPoint was engaged to develop a common business planning approach, which would link strategy development to operational execution across North America.

The Mondi North America leadership set three primary objectives of the engagement:
1. Develop a plan to delivering growth expectations
2. Develop a repeatable/standardized strategic planning process
3. Develop a disciplined management routine and linked accountability to the plan

ArchPoint’s preferred method for strategic planning is OGSM — Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures. The OGSM process and structure forms the foundation for strategic planning and execution as well as a strong management routine that integrates the plan into the day-to-day operations.

ArchPoint began the process with a solid grounding in the current state of the business through a comprehensive assessment of the market, competition, consumer trends and organization capabilities. This assessment was the basis for establishing realistic growth expectations and developing a clear roadmap of the capabilities needed to deliver the plan.

Next, ArchPoint developed a comprehensive strategic plan for Mondi North America that established firm strategies for growth, operational improvements and talent management. Once complete, the plan was then cascaded down to the plant and product level to align accountability.

Finally, Mondi North America implemented an automated OGSM tool ( to drive transparency, reporting and tracking.

Mondi North America moved into 2014 with a new organization focused on key strategic priorities and positioned to capture new market opportunities. The leadership team was aligned to the plan, and had optimized resources to drive speed and execution in the market. A year later, the business was tracking ahead of plan.