Isabel North America: US Market Brand Positioning & Digital Strategy

Grupo Conservas Garavilla, the Spanish parent company of Isabel North America, sought to bring their high quality tuna and pre-made tuna bowls to the U.S. market. In Spain, Isabel is a dominant tuna brand, but they had little recognition in the crowded, highly competitive, but stagnant U.S. market. Isabel North America engaged ArchPoint to help them establish a beachhead from which they could engage nationally and change the conversation about tuna from an inexpensive commodity to a product from which quality and innovation would be demanded.

ArchPoint began with a marketplace assessment to understand the competitive space, the composition of the audience and define opportunities within the category. This enabled ArchPoint to determine how Isabel’s offerings fit into the overall market and how the products could be successfully differentiated from the competition.

Using syndicated data, ArchPoint assessed Isabel’s sales trends and market share within the canned seafood category nationally, regionally and by retail customer. ArchPoint also conducted a post-promotional, SKU by SKU analysis on a quarterly and weekly basis to understand trends and uncover market opportunities.

In addition, ArchPoint conducted social media sentiment analysis to understand the perspectives and perceptions of the tuna consumer. By mining social media conversations relating to tuna over a one-year timespan and grouping comments by category and topic, ArchPoint provided Isabel with additional insights about where to play and how to win in the category. ArchPoint defined the position of Isabel Tuna around the quality of its product.

After creating new U.S. market brand positioning, ArchPoint created a digital presence (website and social media), designed new packaging and new merchandising materials for the U.S. market, and executed several digital promotions. We also created an exciting video series featuring a Food Network celebrity chef as the spokesperson.

Isabel is seeing steady increases in sales, driven by ArchPoint produced promotions and social media engagement. Their distribution toehold at Harris Teeter was expanded nationally into Super Target and they had established solid distribution in several large markets within one year (i.e. Chicago, Miami, New York City).