G1200 Media: OGSM

Group 1200 Media is a next-generation, independent entertainment studio based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Parent company to subsidiaries Funimation Entertainment, Giant Ape Media and Group 1200 Consumer Products, Group 1200 Media is fully integrated to provide distinctive audiences with tailored content, services and products. The company is a market leader with their extensive anime, television, movie and gaming portfolio. They specialize in content development and acquisition, traditional and digital distribution, licensing and marketing. G1200 Media is home to some of the most iconic anime, with founder Gen Fukunaga bringing mega-successful Dragon Ball Z to the United States from Tokyo in the mid-1990s.


G1200 was looking for a strategic planning approach and automated tool that would align the team, make it easy to plan updates and status checks, and create transparency of key metrics. ArchPoint was engaged to utilize the OGSM strategic planning approach and to implement the cloud-based automation tool, MyOGSM.com.


The G1200 leadership team had two primary objectives:

1. Develop a strategic planning process that would align the team and drive accountability and transparency.
2. Develop a disciplined management routine and use MyOGSM.com to link accountability to the plan.

ArchPoint’s preferred method for Strategic planning is OGSM — Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures. The OGSM process and structure forms the foundation for strategic planning and execution, as well as provides a strong management routine that integrates the plan into the day-to-day operations.

ArchPoint began the process by aligning the leadership team to ArchPoint’s OGSM white paper to confirm it was the best approach for driving strategy to execution within the organization. G1200 had previously developed a corporate-level OGSM and with a few tweaks, was ready to cascade through the organization.

For the next few months, ArchPoint focused on:

• Interviewing the leadership team and key members of the organization concerning what was working, not working and barriers to performance and execution
• Facilitating six (6) next-level OGSMs (for functional groups and business units) to cascade the corporate-level goals and strategies
• Introducing a management routine around the OGSM
• Training the team and converting the OGSM into MyOGSM.com – a cloud-based automation tool


G1200 has implemented OGSM at the corporate level and successfully cascaded goals and metrics down to the next levels of the organization. G1200 is focused on a few key strategic priorities and the business is responding positively. At the end of the first year of implementation, the business was tracking for a record year.