Avery Dennison: OGSM

Avery Dennison is a longstanding, global leader in pressure sensitive technology, self-adhesive materials, and self-adhesive consumer and office products. At a time when there was increasing competitive pressure, industry consolidation and margin erosion, the company turned to ArchPoint to better align its efforts across multiple divisions.

Strategy & OGSM
ArchPoint first aligned Avery Dennison’s strategy to the realities of the marketplace via the deployment of the Objective-Goals-Strategies-Measures (OGSM) method. This approach uniquely matched Avery Dennison’s business strategy to their organizational structure. It also provided them with a common language through which to discuss strategy. Utilizing OGSM, ArchPoint highlighted areas of strategic strength and weakness and found synergies across the business. The OGSM platform became a standard for the company.

After the strategy was established, Avery Dennison asked ArchPoint to help them assess functional capabilities and performance to streamline processes and reduce service costs. ArchPoint recommended and facilitated process changes, increasing productivity with the assets Avery Dennison already employed.

People & Change
ArchPoint also defined and clarified the roles needed to execute the redesigned processes. These roles allowed each employee to understand what they needed to deliver as well as where it helped the company to achieve its overall goals.

Sales & Customers
Once the strategy was transparent to the organization, ArchPoint aligned it to customer requirements. This included completing “voice of the customer” surveys and developing a customer segmentation approach. ArchPoint helped Avery Dennison better target great customers, provide the right level of service to each group and properly price products and services based upon value to those customers.

In addition, ArchPoint helped Avery Dennison combine selling divisions globally to leverage synergies, increase the span of manager control, reduce travel and administrative needs to cover external customers, streamline sales preparation, and reduce overall organizational complexity by creating portfolios organized by market segment.

The documented results included increased sales, improved profitability, and higher productivity for each division. ArchPoint helped Avery Dennison better serve customers, both domestically and globally, improving customer satisfaction around the world.

Before Avery Dennison’s partnership with ArchPoint, they were a product-focused organization. Today, Avery Dennison is a customer focused organization with a streamlined business model and a revitalized organization.

“ArchPoint empowered Avery Dennison to deliver better value to our customers on every level from pricing and communications to customer service.”
- Omar Hoek, Avery Dennison’s Director of Global Marketing