AmesburyTruth: Commercial Strategy

In 2013, Amesbury merged with Truth Hardware to become the nation’s largest manufacturer of window and door components. The new AmesburyTruth vision was to provide state-of-the-art, engineered solutions to its customers, along with best in class service and reliability. They developed a strategic plan that would deliver significant synergy savings and grow the business by $500M over three years.

As AmesburyTruth began to launch its strategic plan throughout the organization, their first task was to unify 13 individual operating units, all guided by their own principles, business processes and cultures. Executive leadership quickly realized that they needed additional support to manage the complex integration of these varied businesses to become one company and meet their financial goals. They turned to ArchPoint.

ArchPoint immediately put forth a plan of engagement with the following goals
1. Define and address gaps in the organization’s capacity and capability to deliver on their financial goals and objectives as outlined in the strategic plan

2. Unify the organization under one AmesburyTruth brand, culture and ways of doing business, to include a new consolidated website.

ArchPoint engaged its management consulting, marketing and branding teams and instituted a roadmap for success, applying a four-phased approach: Assess / Align / Design / Implement

Assessments were done to collect quantifiable data and feedback to understand the organization’s current state and guide decisions around strategic changes. The assessments covered five areas:

  • Organization Assessment to understand AmesburyTruth’s organizational readiness and identify capability gaps

  • Voice of Customer survey of both Residential and Commercial Customers to understand trends, what customers value, how AmesburyTruth is performing, and how they could play a bigger role within the Commercial Market

  • Value Stream Mapping of the Quote to Cash Process to uncover opportunities for cost savings and streamline/commonize processes across all operating units

  • Culture Survey and Focus Groups to determine the current culture and read the pulse of the associates at all levels within the organization

  • Branding Audit to gain a clear understanding of the new brand positioning, delivery and performance.

  • Website Analytics to determine the direction, user interface and user experience for the new website.

  • Align
    ArchPoint presented the findings from the assessments to the AmesburyTruth Executive Leadership Team including feedback on the organization’s strengths, opportunities and potential barriers that would impede progress on the strategic plan. ArchPoint facilitated workshops to align leadership on the work that was needed and prioritized the projects by functional area into a SIMs* (Strategies – Initiatives – Measures). Design and Implement:

    ArchPoint-led several projects to help AmesburyTruth execute the initiatives including:

  • Commercial Market “Where to Play/How to Win”: Develop a strategic approach to determine best bets for Commercial growth

  • Streamline and Refine the Quote to Cash Process: Establish the future state processes and ways of working to be adopted by all AmesburyTruth operating units.

  • Culture: Establish the desired culture by establishing AmesburyTruth’s Mission, Vision and Values and supporting behaviors.
  • Branding: Establish the new AmesburyTruth brand/logo, value proposition.

  • Website Development: Designed and developed a new integrated responsive website.

  • Brand Enculturation: Drive the new brand and culture throughout the organization using a communication plan, which included town hall meetings, videos, wall signage and a team of internal change agents to drive the effort.

  • Results
    The Commercial Market Where to Play/How to Win project identified strong paths for growth, all of which were presented to the AmesburyTruth Board of Directors and approved for continued vetting.
    The Quote to Cash process redesign immediately identified $1.7M in wasteful costs: costs that AmesburyTruth will now recover by adjusting their pricing model for special and expedited manufacturing requests.
    The new AmesburyTruth brand and website was successfully launched nationally along with printed and streaming material created by ArchPoint. Internally, new AmesburyTruth environment branding and values were featured throughout AmesburyTruth facilities to communicate the company’s mission, vision and values.
    AmesburyTruth’s focus on people and culture resulted in a reinvigorated, engaged and productive workforce.