AdvancePierre Foods: OGSM

ArchPoint client, Pierre Foods, merged with Advance Foods and Advance Brands in 2010 to become AdvancePierre Foods, a fully integrated manufacturer of value-added proteins, Philly Steaks, and handheld sandwiches. Along with the operational integration of the businesses, executive leadership also had the challenge of integrating three independently run, family owned companies with distinct cultures, and corporate offices in two states. AdvancePierre Foods (APF) leaned on ArchPoint to provide the resources and guidance to assist them on their path to becoming one company.

ArchPoint quickly recommended that APF refresh their corporate strategic plan – OGSM (Objectives/Goals/Strategies/Measures) – given the new leadership team and broadened set of expectations for the organization. The OGSM would provide the roadmap for the work that needed to be done to unify the company, gain the synergy savings they hoped for and grow the business.

The OGSM process identified a number of immediate needs, including:
• Integration Strategies by Function
• Roles/Responsibilities and Decision Rights
• Core Values and Culture
• Change Management Plan
• Communications Plan

ArchPoint led the way by conducting the OGSM/SIM process for every Business Unit and Function in the organization, ensuring that each leader had a set of strategies and initiatives that were aligned to the corporate strategy. These plans allowed the teams to implement their important change initiatives, while also running the business.

A key component to making the integration successful was to merge the Executive Leadership team from the three companies into one high performing team. ArchPoint completed an HBDI profile (Hermann Brain Dominance Index) to determine how each leader processed and made decisions. This exercise helped the team understand the importance of leveraging all thinking styles – especially, those most unlike their own - in order to achieve the best outcome.

Given the redundancies across marketing and new product development (NPD), ArchPoint helped to centralize the departments, redesign the work flow, and establish accountabilities and decision rights. The 5 independent teams were consolidated under a corporate marketing/innovation umbrella, with NPD specialists dedicated to each business channel.

At the heart of the change effort was a need to establish a unified culture that would drive success. ArchPoint conducted a culture survey to identify the current and desired future state of the organization’s culture. This effort resulted in identifying 5 core pillars, or values, to support the corporate tenet of: Taking a Stand – Building a Culture of Performance.

Since people are at the center of all change efforts, ArchPoint built a change management plan that installed a team of APF Change Agents. This team led the change by being role models and identifying and rewarding associates whose behaviors championed the new corporate culture. A comprehensive Communication Plan was also implemented to ensure internal and external stakeholders were kept current on progress being made on all integration initiatives.

AdvancePierre Foods was able to maintain focus on the operations integration of the business, while ArchPoint led the equally important elements of people, process and change management. The company met their synergy savings goals in the first year of integration, grew sales in their retail business units and in the process, built a culture of performance driven by teamwork.