Understanding the truth.

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At the heart of everything we do is a passion for learning. A foundation built on harnessing culture, trends and all forms of data to reveal insights that have the power to inform and reshape business. To achieve this, we deploy a suite of proven online and offline tools that are the catalysts to unleashing our unique perspective—ultimately enabling us to deliver connected solutions for our client partners.


Voice of the Customer

How can you exceed customer and consumer expectations if you don’t fully understand what they are? Through quantitative and qualitative research we get behind what your customers need, want, perceive and prefer.

Consumer/Shopper Insights

Using social media and traditional research methods and models, ArchPoint provides insights about your potential and current consumers and their perceptions of your brand. We get underneath their motivations, aspirations, desires, moods, motivations and mindsets that influence buying decisions and behaviors.

Attitude & Usage (A&U) Analysis 

Understanding your brand’s interaction with consumers can be the difference between success and failure.  ArchPoint answers questions about brand awareness, brand attitudes and brand usage — specifically, a brand’s overall reputation, satisfaction level, purchase behaviors, usage patterns, reasons for purchasing, and consumer segments that purchase.

Market, Product & Customer Segmentation

ArchPoint provides you with insights to tailor your marketing and sales efforts to different customer groups with different product variations.

Market, Channel & Competitive Analysis

Knowing how your customers interact with your and your competitors’ brands in various channels allows you to optimize your marketing and sales efforts and stand out in the marketplace

Execution Effectiveness

Using our Organizational Performance Management (OPM) assessments, ArchPoint determines your organization’s ability to execute your business strategy and gets it ready for implementation

Organizational Culture Alignment

This identifies and addresses the behaviors, attitudes and activities in the business that hinder change, while optimizing those that advance it

Employee Engagement

Provides you with insights on what’s preventing your people from committing to your vision so you can better motivate them to achieve strategic objectives

Team Effectiveness

Using our exclusive Team Renaissance™ online survey, we diagnose the root causes of leadership or operational team dysfunction and identify your teams’ positive characteristics that will serve as the foundation for high performance